Welcome to the public website for The Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center Ladies' Handgun League.
The mission of the league is to provide women with the opportunity for education, training, and practical experience in
the safe and proper use of handguns.   This website is being provided not only to introduce others to our league but also
to provide resources for enhancing the education and training experience.   We hope you find this site useful and enjoyable.
And we hope you'll join us at the range!
League Information

Day: 1st Saturday of every month.  
Time: 9:00am-12noon
Location: Wake County Firearms and Education Center
3921 Old Holly Springs-Apex Road
Apex, NC 27539-9147

Click here for driving directions.
Price: $15.00 per meeting

What to expect
The primary focus of each meeting is to provide members with the opportunity for target practice to improve their safe gun handling and marksmanship skills.   Additional exercises for more advanced shooters (such as drawing from holster) may also be offered if space, time, and instructors are available.

The acivities planned for each meeting will be announced in advance through email.  Any equipment that is needed for the activity will be provided or will be listed in the email. Any league member that does not wish to participate in the planned activity will still be given the opportunity to shoot.   Any member can suggest activities or discussions that they would like to see addressed.
All activities on the range are guided and supervised by an NRA-certified Instructor / NRA-certified Range Safety Officer.

What to bring
  • Firearm(s):  Any caliber handgun(s) - pistol or revolver - are welcome.  If you do not already have a handgun, arrangements can be made to borrow one.   All firearms are expected to be in safe fully operational condition.

  • Ammunition:  You will need to bring the proper ammunition for the your handgun.   If borrowing a firearm, it is considered polite to either provide the appropriate ammunition or reimburse the lender for the use of their ammo.

  • Eye protection:  If you wear regular glasses, additional eye protection may not be necessary.   Since our facility is indoors, darkly tinted glasses are not recommended and glasses with UV protection are not necessary.

  • Hearing protection:  Muff or plug style hearing protection is acceptable.  Whichever you decide to bring should fit sufficiently to block the noise of multiple firearms being shot simultaneously in an indoor range. (It will get loud.)

  • Targets:  Targets will be provided for all planned activities and recreational shooting.  However, feel free to bring any (tasteful) targets that you would like to use.

  • Additional equipment such as extra magazines and speed loaders are not required but may come in handy.
What to wear
The range has no official dress code.  However, there are important things to take into consideration when putting together your range ensemble.
  • The range is indoors so you don't need to worry about certain elements of the weather such as wind or rain.   However, the air in the range is circulated by pulling in air from the outside.   Therefore, the temperature inside is about the same as the temperature outside, possibly even a bit cooler on winter mornings with the large fans providing the airflow. You should consider wearing layers.

  • Semi-automatic firearms expel very hot metal casings at a high velocity and in unpredictable directions.   Therefore, it is highly recommended that you wear a billed hat.  Baseball-style caps are the most common but feel free to express your own style - bearing in mind that your hat shouldn't get in the way of your hearing or eye protection.   It is also recommended that you wear high-collar or closed-neck blouses or shirts.   Alas, it is better to appear prudish than to have burns in delicate areas.

  • The range has a solid cement floor.   Considering that and the flying brass mentioned earlier, it is recommended that you wear flat-heeled, closed-toe, thick-soled, comfortable shoes.